You’ve got GMail!

Just like Moi I now have a GMail account. How lucky!

There are three (3) possibilities:

– You are jealous and you hate me.
– You already have a GMail account.
– You are not a nerd.

Update June 27 2004: I redirected all my email to GMail in order to test it. While the web-based interface is incredible… I’d rather use and Thunderbird. So now I’m back using my regular email accounts.
By the way, GMail has been down (for me at least) since Friday. It just gets stuck in the Redirecting to /gmail screen. Today it’s Sunday and it’s still broken and I have 2 days worth of email there (or at least I hope so!). C’mon, what am I going to do without those 200+ penis enlargement /Viagra spams????

4 thoughts on “You’ve got GMail!”

  1. I’m jaleuos and I hate you…

    Well… not really: I think my 100MB in Y! are enough for my needs…

    BTW, your system didnt alowed my to post my email address in the form of:

    Invalid email address ‘danieljllo AT yahoo DOT com’


  2. I get the same message from home, but at work it operates fine. Just before this started, I asked not to be prompted for my password for 2 weeks. I’m wondering if this may be responsible. Did you ask for the same ?

  3. Well, my 2 weeks expired since I last tried and I still can’t login.
    What a piece of…. yeah… it’s Beta, I know.
    Let me know if you get it to work.

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