NI Eagles win Austin City League

Yesterday, with a 5-0 victory over T2, the NI Eagles win the Austin Soccer City League Division 3 championship (after moving up from Division 5 and Division 4) with two games to spare. We will be in Division 2 next tournament.
Sadly, I have been out for most of this league due to a nasty foot injury. Oh well…. hopefully I can rejoin the team soon.
Congratulations to all of the team for an incredible season! (and to Boris our imposing goalkeeper for scoring his first goal with the team).

4 thoughts on “NI Eagles win Austin City League”

  1. Hey Marcos,

    Glad to see that you have been a true member of the team in every way. Your contribution to the team’s success has been immense, by way of your defensive skills, motivation and great ideas….Hope to have you in the team for a long time 🙂


  2. Hi Marcos!

    Congratulations for whole the team for getting into the 2nd division!

    I am Piotr Rozalski, Lukasz Darowski friend from Poland. I want to ask you for a favour. Could you ask him for his recent email address for me?(of course with the best but late Easters wishes) I will write mine email but without the @ character (instead I will write _) because of the viruses that find them in the www content end then sent spam. My email address is

    Thank for your help

    Mucha suerte en la siguiente temporada:) Que viva el futbol!

  3. Witam.A ja sie nazywam lukasz darowski i nawet nie wiedzialem ze sie ktos podszywa pod moją osobę 😉
    to oczywiscie żart 🙂
    l.d z polski pozdrawia l.d z usa

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