The Cell Phone Saga Part 4

I finally picked up my USB-Bluetooth adapter. I hate the fact that it sticks out of my iBook, but I can live with it.

Well… the thing is GREAT!

I used iSync to transfer some numbers to my cell phone. It’s easy – no problems at all!
But you can do other stuff, for example: you can connect to the phone from the Mac’s address book. This way, if anyone calls you, a dialog pops up on the computer. Or you can dial by right-clicking on a contact.

It was also easy to transfer files, and the phone can play midi files… so my new ring is the Star Wars Cantina song (am I a geek or what 😉 ).
I transfered some pictures I took with the phone to the computer, and this is perhaps the only thing that dissapointed me. The quality is HORRIBLE. I’ll upload an example here soon.

Oh, yeah… I’m still waiting for my number to be transferred.

[UPDATE December 9]: I was informed today that my number transfer request will be done in the next 48 hours.

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