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Test your color IQ

I found this little online test for your ability to see and distinguish colors. They present you with four rows of colored tiles that you need to sort by hue. The higher your final score, the worse you did. The perfect score is 0. Since I’ve always thought that I’m perfect and yet I scored a 7, I concluded that the test is flawed.

Click on this image of my results to enlarge.

Still, go ahead and give it a try and post your results in the comments. Whoever beats will make it to The MKX® Hall of Fame if I ever get around to creating it, but email me a screenshot as proof. And no Paint shenanigans please. To take the test, click here.

UPDATE 12/13/2008: Well, looks like a few people have been able to cheat just enough to beat me. Congratulations to Eva (score of 3) and Carolina (perfect score!). That’s ok, I still kicked both my brother’s asses.

UPDATE 12/14/2008 (2): Jaramillo‘s results are in (an impressive 12).