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Photo of the day #34: Sharon hits on Shimon

On this bizarre photo you can see famous actress Sharon Stone hit on Israeli president Shimon Peres under the jealous gaze of ex-Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev.



Putin sings Blueberry Hill

If you thought that Raul Castro lighting a Chanukiah was a weird sight, then you need to check this video out.

8-bit Trolololo

This post is dedicated to Erika Himes.

In Mexico there is a saying: “Un clavo saca a otro clavo” (One nail pushes out another). It applies here…

For months you’ve been trying to get Eduard Khil’s beautiful rendition of “I Am So Happy to Finally Be Back Home” a.k.a. Trolololo out of your head. The saying applies:

In a stroke of Nobel-prize-caliber genius, YouTube user Robinerd created a chiptune version of said song. This means that it was made to sound like it was playing on an old-school machine, think a NES or a Commodore 64. For me this is a problem, because those types of songs have a tendency of sticking around inside my brain for a while.

Without further ado I present you: 8-bit Trolololo. Press play at your own risk.


This latest internet meme is strangely relaxing, soothing… even hypnotizing. I find myself humming it non-stop. Trolololo!

Read more for more info about this wonderful video.

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