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Another puzzle from Wiseman’s blog (don’t click until you’ve solved it).

There are 2 flagpoles that are each 100 foot high.  A rope that is 150 feet long is strung between the tops of the flagpoles.  At its lowest point the rope sags 25 feet about the ground (see schematic diagram below).  How far apart are the flagpoles?

Note: The image below is not to scale.

Camouflaged Aaron

Here’s a fun little puzzle for my readers to solve on the New Year’s break. Hidden in the photograph shown below is a person. See if you can find him, and post how long it took you in the comments!


I saw this puzzle earlier today and thought it was clever enough to repost.

Without measuring and using only the information on the image, can you calculate the radius of the circle?

If you get the answer, say so in the comments, but don’t write the answer itself!