Call me gringo

After almost 15 years of living in the United States, following the law, paying taxes, not bringing drugs, and not killing nor raping anyone (I assume I am one of the good people) I have joined my wife — also a naturalized American — and son — true born Austinite — in being a citizen of this country.

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Outside the Delco Center, where the ceremony was held.
The stage is all set. A few hours later there were over 1000 new Americans from over 90 different countries.
That’s me in the center, with the bad hair day.

Now I need to find something to do with this newfound status, like voting. I haven’t been keeping up… is that coming soon? Who’s running? Any suggestions?

Marcos’ Naturalization FAQ

Will you lose the accent?
Yes, I will now stop faking the foreigner accent.

If Mexico plays against the US in a soccer match, who would you root for?

Where did you get that lovely purple / pinkish shirt?


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