As seen from the chuppah

This may be one of the most controversial photos ever taken by me. Excuse the motion blur, it was taken stealthily and in haste.

Thanks to everyone who joined us for this incredible occasion, and for all the good wishes.


5 thoughts on “As seen from the chuppah”

  1. Nothing like making your grand entrance to a giant burst of laughter from the audience!

  2. Mrs. Kirsch: I apologize for the laughing. Got to give the Mr. a big spanking for his ill behavior. I’m sure you are glad the craziness is over and I hope you are on your way to enjoying the wonderful beaches and treasures of East Asia. Have fun!

  3. Now I understand the laughing!, I was so riveted by the sight of the bride that I totally missed the point… you guys have to frame it and hang it somewhere.

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