Cease and desist

It’s fairly common for large blogs to receive “cease and desist” letters threatening legal action unless some content is removed. Usually this happens when a website posts photos of an unreleased iPhone lost in a bar.

The MKX® recently received such a letter from an individual claiming that our popular “English with Andy” series slandered his persona due to the physical resemblance between a recurring character used in the images and his persona; given the possibility that someone may stumble upon one of the images and mistakenly believe that the depicted situation happened in real life and that the individual in question may actually confuse the terms “mushroom” with “much room” or “tissue” with “teach you”, to quote two examples.

In order to eliminate all possibility of said mistake, we:

  1. Stress that the situations shown in the series are not real. Some were invented by our team of writers but most were lifted directly from unfunny mass emails that were forwarded to us. All the characters are fictional and any resemblance to actual persons is purely coincidental. Names were not changed to protect any identities, because there are no identities to protect.
  2. Don’t actually know of anyone who speaks English like that; but would like to meet him/her.
  3. Added a disclaimer to all posts.
  4. Modified all the images using a face from the more crude yet widely known Rage Comics. This image is in the public domain.

The MKX® staff hopes that these actions are sufficient to satisfy all the parties involved. No further entries to the series are planned.

One thought on “Cease and desist”

  1. What sort of a sick individual would actually believe that this harmless, humorous series might hurt him or her?? I tell you, there are some real weirdos out there in the world….. I hope the MKX staff does not take this personally and continues to provide quality posts to its loyal fan base!

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