Cerveza Indio: Coming Pronto

Ladies and Gentlemen, especially Mexican Ladies and Gentlemen who reside in the US and are thus deprived from certain alcoholic beverages sold exclusively in your home country, please make sure you are sitting down before reading this. Are you sitting? Good. Read on:

Indio beer... Coming Pronto to the U.S.A.

The MKX® correspondent Mr. Del Castillo sent the above photograph, taken today on Lamar Boulevard in Austin TX. Yes. As in Austin Texas in the United States of America.

I spent my first 6 months in the US calling liquor stores and asking if they stock Indio beer (also referred to as sweet nectar of gods). Over the next decade I drove cases of it across the border. A flicker of hope emerged last November when HEB imported Nochebuena beer. Then Indio beer spruced up its image (corrected), for what it seems like preparation for bigger things.

When? I don’t know. I could not find any further details online (any tips are appreciated). But it seems like our friends at Cuauhtémoc-Moctezuma finally got over their fear of offending Native Americans north of the Bravo (that’s Rio Grande for some) and will treat us to some cold Indio. Yes. Indio beer in the United States.

8 thoughts on “Cerveza Indio: Coming Pronto”

  1. Nunca había pensado en lo ofensivo que puede ser el nombre de la Indio. Menos mal que no se llama Negro o Judio.

    En hora buena!

    1. El nombre de Indio no es ofensivo! es alguien originario de la India o las Indias Americas que son basicamente el resto del contienente. El problema es el significado que TU le das… Saludos

    2. @chap:
      No es @Ed el que le da ningun significado. En EEUU, se considera “politicamente incorrecto” llamarle “indio” a alguien de las tribus nativas. La manera que se les debe decir es “Native American”. Es cosa de los estadounidenses.

  2. A mi se me hace que van a esperar que salga la pelicula de llanero solitario con Johnny Depp haciendola de el Indio llamando “Tonto”. Despues de eso ya la cheve no va a ofender a nadie. Y espero que no la saquen hasta que yo vuelva por que si no me va a dar mas coraje

  3. There’s also one right by Fiesta headed north on IH-35. I can’t lie, it stirred all sorts of emotions in me this Sunday, as I also scoured liqour/specialty stores and even e-mailed the company! The greatest gift my mom ever bought me was a case of Indio (she won’t even buy alcohol for my birthday parties)! Nectar of the gods is quite apropos- I’ve often referred to it as such… I just hope it gets here sooner than later, at least in time for my graduation.

  4. Was so shocked to see a 6 pack of indio in my neighborhood walgreens in California i quickly jumpped and bought it.
    So excited that this beer made it to the US
    I hope to see this billboard in California soon!

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