Engagement FAQ

I’ve been receiving a lot of questions, so I decided to post answers to the most common ones here in a convenient FAQ form.

  1. I heard you got engaged. Is it true?
    The rumors (and many many many Facebook comments on our walls) are true. Sorry to make you lose your long standing bet.
  2. Who’s the unlucky girl?
    Shlomit. She’s way nicer than me.
  3. I thought you were already married to a Mac Plus.
    That’s not a question and it’s illegal to marry inanimate objects in most countries anyway.
  4. How did you get her to agree to marrying a loser like yourself?
    Shhh! She doesn’t know. Please don’t say anything yet.
  5. When will the wedding be?
    We don’t know yet.
  6. Where will the wedding be?
    See #5
  7. Did the news break a lot of hearts?
    No, just one.
  8. Is it too late to send engagement presents?
    No it’s not! Please don’t be shy. You can always check The MKX® Wish List for ideas. Don’t forget to bookmark!
  9. So, is that the ring you gave her in the photo?
    It was, but I got hungry and ate it before I had a chance to give it to her. She said yes anyway, but I owe her some candy.
  10. How will this affect the future contents of The MKX®
    Unless the FCC shuts me down, expect the same kind of low quality garbage from these pages. In the pre-nup the only things I get to keep are this blog and my collection of mint Star Wars action figures. I have Lando Calrissian in its original box. What she doesn’t know is that they are rare collectibles and will be worth MILLIONS one day. Don’t throw them away mom!

Thanks to everyone for your kind words on this important step for us. We are very happy and the best is yet to come.

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