This thick and dark paste you see in the image below is one of the most delicious things invented by man: mole. A Mexican sauce that contains chilis, nuts, tomatoes, chocolate, among many other ingredients. It’s not unseen for mole to contain a hundred different ingredients. There are many kinds of it.

On a recent trip to Monterrey we bumped across a small shop where they sold mole made by the grandmother of the owner in the state of Oaxaca. It’s sold as a very thick paste and all one has to do is “prepare it”. This usually means adding chicken broth and a few secret ingredients which are up to personal taste and I won’t divulge here. I bought two kinds: black and red.

I prepared it with Karina’s help last Saturday. We made a lot of it. So I looked for some serious eaters to help consume the mole over chicken, beans and rice. I found the best:

Malnourished children

Delicious. I need to make mole more often.

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  1. Si vieras la cantidad de mole que acabé dejando en Munich… al menos se lo quedó un paisano que lo va a aprovechar. Se ve bueno el de tu foto, auqnue me asombra el discreto tamano de la olla.

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