English with Andy 23: Nun

Disclaimer (August 28, 2012): The characters and situations portrayed in this series are purely fictional. They are not based on actual events or people.

Congratulations to anonymous reader “too embarrassed”, whoever you are, for posting the winning caption for the new English with Andy. You won $1000 but since you didn’t reveal your identity, the prize was donated in full to a charity of my choosing: The MKX® Official 2014 World Cup Fund. Thank you for participating!

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Update – Nov 11 20010: Anonymous reader “too embarrassed” has come forward to reveal his/her identity. Sorry, I can’t take the prize money back anymore. And I won’t reveal your identity unless you want me to. Thanks for participating!

One thought on “English with Andy 23: Nun”

  1. Ai Lov Inglish guit Andy!!!, wan of may feivorit part of di guebsait. Plis start niu clases beri sun.
    tenk iu

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