One World Futbol

One World Futbol

So this Tim dude is watching CNN one day, and some kids from Darfur are playing soccer using a make shift ball made out of twine and trash. So he thinks to himself: “Wouldn’t it be great if this kids could have a soccer ball that would never need to be inflated, couldn’t puncture, can be used in any terrain, and would basically last forever?”. Then he remembered once seeing a foam-like material, much like what Crocs are made of. One day he casually mentions the idea to his buddy Sting who agreed to finance the endeavor.

Fast forward and the One World Futbol project is born: A regulation size and weight ultra durable all-terrain soccer ball. You buy one for the not-so-low price of $39.99 and another one just like yours is donated to some kid in the other side of the world. The same model was used by the OLPC project, which didn’t hasn’t worked out so well, but perhaps this time it will be different.

It’s a great idea. The one unanswered question is: Does this ball actually feel like your good ole soccer ball, painstakingly sewed by the nimble hand of some Pakistani kid? I can’t seem to find any opinions from people who have actually hit the ball. I personally wouldn’t pay forty bucks for a soccer ball that plays like a ga-ga ball, donation or not. But then again, I may not be the target market. Here’s hoping for this project’s success.

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  1. I have in fact played with the ball and it doesn’t play ga-ga like at all. I’m not a huge soccer player being raised with a basketball in my hands, but playing with this thing it’s as close to real as it can be. Though the material on the outside may feel a bit different than the hand stitching it still moves and rolls well. I would say it is worth the donation to own one and give one. It’s something that I can see eventually being used as the new PE soccer ball.

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