Cold cold cold

Austin temperature on January 8th, 2010 (morning). Don't panic, it's Celsius.

We are expecting the coldest weekend in Austin in over a decade. I know that to some of my readers from Sweden, Alaska, the South Pole or Jupiter this is nothing. Well I don’t care. It’s notable enough for me to post. I had to take out my huge crazy winter coat that I never wear and I’m saving for the next Ice Age… so I can walk 25 meters from the parking garage to the office building.

As a favor to reader Eli Seidner, who practically got on his knees and begged me to do it, I left a bucket of water outside. Turns out that if you get water down below certain as of now undetermined temperature, it turns into ice. Ice! Hard to believe.

2 thoughts on “Cold cold cold”

  1. Let me clarify to your readership that you have posted this out of friendship in spite of my embarrassment and childishness. The bucket was my idea, and you made it very clear to me that you though it was stupid. Very stupid.

  2. No, this is not stupid you silly goose. And don’t ever let anyone convince you of the contrary. This simply conveys a deep desire to be experimental… even wild, in a way. A quality to be admired -and even fomented, I might add. By the way, the cleverness of letting pennies “float” on the sheet of ice to visually prove the point that water has become rigid makes this picture all the more telling.

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