If you haven’t heard about Dropbox, let me give you a quick summary:

You open an account with them, then install a small piece of software on all your computers. The software creates a “Dropbox” folder on each of your machines that gets magically synchronized via the internets so that any file you drop in one machine in the folder appears on all the other machines. All synchronization happens transparently in the background. It’s quite seamless. They have a version for Windows, a version for Mac (which is very good) and even an iPhone app.

But it’s also useful if you have only one computer: Any file you add to your dropbox is accessible through the website… with the added bonus that the file is now backed up! So you can use your dropbox to store important documents that you don’t want to lose if your hard drive crashes.

Even better: You can, through the website, “share” a folder with another Dropbox user. So if you drop a file in your dropbox, it appears on someone else’s dropbox. This is a great tool for sharing large files, such as *ahem* your home videos.

So why am I talking about this Dropbox thing? Because if you open your account using the referral link below, they give me additional space on top of my 2 GB, which I could use. Open your account using the link below:

By opening a Dropbox account using this link, Marcos gets 1/4 extra GB.

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