Rudo y Cursi

People seem to love anything that Mexican actors Gael Garcia Bernal or Diego Luna do, especially since the extremely overrated Y tu mamá también. Perhaps everyone finds them too hot.

So I was not surprised to find out during my last trip that the new movie in which they appear together Rudo y cursi is all the rage in Mexico. Fine, it seems like an amusing movie. But I was very surprised to see that a music video of Gael Garcia Bernal singing a norteño version of “I Want You To Want Me” is all the rage even though he’s a terrible singer. To make things more annoying, the ringtone is even more popular.

In any case, the video is funny, because it’s made to look like a really cheaply shot and poorly produced/edited (are there any other kind?) norteño music video, not unlike those Emilio Navaira (R.I.P) videos I grew up laughing at (with! with!) on the Super Estelar Caliente music video channel.

Check it out:

The trailer to the movie can be seen here.

2 thoughts on “Rudo y Cursi”

  1. A mi me gustó como película palomera, pero acepto que la canción está pinche. Y yo no creo que “Y tu mamá también” este sobrevaluada, al contrario, creo que a Alfonso Cuarón no se le da el lugar que se merece como cieneasta…

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