Photo of the day #23

Downtown AustinAs I walked back to my car after the 2008 Hanukah (Channukkah? Chanuca? Hannukka?) Casino party, in which I lost all my fake money but walked away with six chocolate coins, I was surprised to see my car surrounded and completely trapped by police cars. “LA MIGRA!!!” yelled my hypothalamus – the same thing I yell when looking to clear out some seats in a packed soccer stadium north of the border.

Then I remembered I’m here legally. The policemen were just enjoying some mediocre pizza at Roppolo’s and promptly let me out. But I thought I’d post this since a) It’s a cool photo and b) I’ve been looking for an opportunity to blur out a license plate.

2 thoughts on “Photo of the day #23”

  1. Good job blurring the police car license plates as well!!!

    Oh wait… that is just the crappy camera in your iPhone.

    … I know… I’m just jealous because I don’t have one. 🙁

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