New design!

The MKX® is proud to present an all new design. We had not updated our look since 2005 when we first moved to WordPress.

This new look is based on Thematic by Ian Stewart, heavily modified by Moi of Moiblog and myself (but mostly Moi). Some of the exciting stuff in this new design, in no particular order:

  • Everything looks a little better, is more readable.
  • Cool random header images.
  • Better navigation.
  • Category icon is next to title, not post content. This was done through an ugly hack, for now.
  • Directly subscribe to The MKX®.
  • Many, many internal improvements.

Expect a few tweaks here and there in the following days as we clean up any last details, and feel free to report through a comment anything that doesn’t look right. Enjoy!

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