Israeli culinary wonders 2

It was hard to contain the flood of comments from the last entry, but here we go…

Eating with the bedouins

Ah… the bedouin camp.

Myth: Nomadic tribes living off the desert all over the Middle East in their tents. Their ancient customs still intact. They offer to buy your women in exchange of some number of camels and tell you tales from the past while you drink tons of coffee and tea.

Reality: It’s about as real as the elephants in the Dumbo ride in Disneyland but still fun. The food however is worth sleeping in a dusty old borrowed sleeping bag:

Marcos enjoys his meal at the bedouin tent.
Daniel Lerer doesn't know where to begin.

Lamb, laffa, hummus, rice, kebabs, all of it deliciously prepared and eaten without silverware. It’s great but you always walk away thinking: “How would that camel meat taste?

Abu Ghosh

An arab town near the entrance to Jerusalem, Abu Ghosh is very famous for their amazing food. A bunch of us rented a car just so we can drive and eat there. We stopped at one of their most famous eateries: Abu Shukri. Paid something like 75 NIS for a hypnotizing parade of Middle Eastern dishes (all you can eat). We made a point of not having breakfast to make room for the feast and it was absolutely worth it. Anyone visiting Israel who wants to eat like a king needs to visit Abu Ghosh (as long as Kashrut is not a concern).

Marcos walks out of the public restroom at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, a few hours after visiting Abu Shukri.
Kebab, chicken liver, hummus....
Amit Safir, Marcos Kirsch and Daniel Lerer pose with the legend himself: Abu Shukri (see his photo in the back!?)
Rob Wertheimer, Jenny Klein, Noah Eden, Leon Lifschuts take a deep breath before round 6.
Excellent shot of Amit Safir and myself, and all the delicious dishes at Abu Shukri.

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