Sure Soft Solid Part II

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Yesterday I received my shipment of deodorant. In a modern day version of the Hanukkah Miracle, the little deodorant I had left lasted just long enough for the new shipment to arrive, sparing people around me of my lethal B.O. I’m not convinced this is worth starting a yearly festival in order to commemorate it, but at least I thought it was worth mentioning.

Thanks everyone for their advice on replacement deodorant.

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  1. It appears that P&G has discontinued this product and replaced it with the almost identical Sure Max Clinical Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant — for twice the price. The new product description trumpets “maximum wetness protection without a prescription”, but it’s 20% of the active ingredient compared with 19% previously. (IIRC you can get 40% by prescription.)

    I don’t mind a replacement, but I only want unscented, which limits my choices.

    I’m not surprised that they lied about discontinuing it. They lied to me about discontinuing Crest Glide Comfort Plus Unflavored floss.

    I found some at and ordered 9 of the 3-packs. (That brought the total to $100, for free shipping.) They have not yet told me that they are actually able to ship it, but I’m hoping. Amazon says it’s available from one third party, but their price is almost as high as the new “Max” from

  2. Can anyone verify what Ed says about the Sure soft solid now being Sure max clinical? I’m mostly concerned because the max clinical looks like it’s a regular solid and not soft solid.


  3. Reyes,

    I used to use Sure Soft Solid. When I saw the posts above I tried the Sure Max product. It is more expensive. But, it is a soft solid just like the original product. It is pretty much the same product. Just re-packaged. Yes, the label says 20% active ingredient instead of 19%. It may be better because of this difference. But, the original 19% worked fine for me. I’d rather have the original price. But, for those like me that were frantic about the Soft Solid going away, this is what you need. I just bought my second one today. It came with a free after rebate offer and a coupon for 2.50 off my next one.

  4. Sure Max has now been discontinued. Are there any soft solids left on the market at all? And, of those, are any unscented?

  5. shtexas: if you ever get any info about Sure Max or some substitute, I’d appreciate knowing. It’s the only thing my husband likes, so I’m on an all out search for it. Thanks!

  6. kg144: I ordered a six-pack from Amazon. The problem is apparently the last Sure Max manufactured has an August, 2010 expiration date. I don’t know how long they will last beyond that. So, I have enough through November, but don’t know if I should chance ordering more.

  7. I had stocked up on 20 sticks of the Sure Soft solid (which just ran out). Expiration dates are not an issue, they were stable and worked fine for over 2 years past that.

  8. Just got 25 sticks delivered of the Max unscented off ebay. Why do we have to do this? They have a product that works and doesn’t smell like household air fresheners or worse, and THEY KILL IT OFF TWICE. Makes no sense at all.

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