The Final Party

Last Saturday I threw a small gathering at my place together with Totah to celebrate the fact that we both just turned XXX.

Photos will be coming soon. However, it looks like my camera ate my memory card again so I don’t know how many I’ll be able to rescue. If you were there and took any photos, let me know (use the comments or email me) so that I can collect and post them. And expect photos of me running over my camera with my car.

However, I want to use this space to thank everyone who came from out of town. We had people from Dallas, Houston, Monterrey, New York. A record total of miles traveled. I really, really appreciate it, it was great having you all here (Tomer, Arturo, Arturo, Nathán, J.C., Tilón, etc.).

Also, thanks to everyone who helped out with the planning and the cleaning: No parties would happen without your help, can’t emphasize this enough. This year’s hero medal goes to D.J. Fucho who rushed to get a replacement for a burned stereo amplifier at 2 A.M. (with still another four hours of party to go!) and had it all working again with barely a hitch. Amazing stuff.

Read on for the original evite.

[Update 5/6/2008]: Photos posted.

Event: The Final Party
Location: La Guarida
When: Sat, 05/3/08, 9:30PM

There’s a time when a person reaches a point in his life in which he/she can no longer throw huge, crazy, insane, loud, wild parties… That time is the day right after this party!!!

You heard right. Book your flights, quit your jobs, break out of prison, do whatever it takes but make sure you get here… This party will be worthy of “Wild on E!”. You don’t want to miss it!!! It’s gonna rock!!!

Where: La Guarida
When: Saturday, May 3, 2008 at 9:30 P.M.
What: Your last chance to be in one of these mega-parties.
Why: XXX (that’s in Roman numerals you sicko)
Who: You
Please help a noble cause by bringing your favorite drink: tequila, vodka, rum, aguardiente, whiskey, wine, it’s all good. But don’t bring beer, as a big ol’ keg of tasty Shiner Bock will be awaiting you. And pretzels too, if they’re really cheap at Costco.

See you soon!
Marcos, Daniela, born on ’78

P.S. People who reply to this evite right away will be entered into a drawing for… A NEW CAR!!!! People who don’t reply right away will be embraced by a really big french sweaty dude in a black leotard (see photo).


30? But you look so young!
Thanks. And to maintain the illusion, we intend to dim the lights… for the rest of our life. And maybe wear more makeup.

Shall I bring presents?
Presents are appreciated, but your friendship is present enough (ooooooh).

Is it true that there will be cheap direct flights between Austin and Monterrey, just for this party?
That’s right, through a special arrangement with airline VivaAerobus! you can fly direct between Monterrey and Austin for $9.99 plus taxes starting on May 1st.

Is it true that there will be holidays to make it easier for international guests to go to your party?
That’s right, through a special arrangement with the Mexican government you can take May 1st and May 5th off at no cost.

What happened to the spicy Mexican hottie and the blonde bombshell that used to throw birthday parties with you?
One is in Australia hunting crocodiles and the other one is in New York out-partying us all. Daniela Totah will be co-hosting this party and will make sure it goes down in the history books.
Update: Never mind. Julia is coming! Karine still needs to confirm.

Will there be any award-winning South-American DJ’s?
Yes yes and yes!!! DJ Fucho has canceled his Ibiza show and DJ^2 has emerged from the Incan desert of the Medellín peninsula and will be at our event.

(If you have any other questions make sure to post them in your reply and I will add them here)

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