MacWallet Air

Thin is in, and even though I did not end up buying the fashionable MacBook Air (for now… ed.), I was able to shed a few millimeters in a different area.

You see,  I’ve always hated thick wallets and have always struggled to maintain my wallet thin. It’s comfortable and stylish, unlike my haircut. I just can’t stand the bulge in my back pocket. Nor unsightly panty lines, but that’s a different story. So this time I took some action. After a long and arduous search, I found the perfect wallet: The Bosca Nappa Vitello.


  • Thin
  • Beautiful
  • Made of Nappa leather: soft yet durable.
  • The pockets I need… no more, no less.
  • Folds in half (not in three).
  • The precise height of a dollar bill.

This thing is great. Filled with everything I need (but nothing more) it’s less than 1 cm thin. This means that I no longer look like the Tower of Pisa when I’m sitting down. For comparison purposes, I took a photo of my wallet side by side with two of my friend’s wallets. The difference is remarkable:

wallet comparison

Yes. It’s a thing of beauty. Right now I’m working on another little project: I figure that if I scan my insurance card, my drug prescription card, and my contact information card I can print them all scaled down in a single piece of paper that would get laminated, thus cutting thickness down by another millimeter (a respectable 11%). Better stop wasting time on this blog and get to work on what’s important!

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