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I was in Monterrey last weekend for the first (and so far only) Zack family reunion. The Zacks are my maternal grandmother’s family. We’re spread across three countries (which is not a lot, come to think of it).

Most of us made it, starting from my great grandmother Bobe Sonia (who just turned 95) all the way down to 2 great-great grandchildren (the third one was born last week and could not make it). I think a total of 74 out of 83 Zacks came.

The whole weekend was great. Lots of eating, stories, eating, laughing, and eating. I made my debut as a game show host. I did ok. People laughed whenever I danced, I could make fun of them on a microphone and I got to wear a tuxedo.

While I’ve seen most of the family in the last years, there were a few I hadn’t in a long time (almost ten years!) and four of the newest members of the familyI hadn’t even met before.

Moi collected all the digital photos from all the cameras. 1400+ total. I copied them to my computer and I’m supposed to sort them out and delete the duplicates (which is a vast majority of the pictures) so we can upload them to an event website we’re setting up. Unfortunately, my own memory card got corrupted and I lost most of my photos (I recovered only about five using a $20 utility called CardRaider – which is not great at all).

I started to look at them last night and learned a few hard facts about people and the way they use digital cameras:

  • Most people never erase photos from their cameras.
  • Most people never set the date and time on their cameras.
  • This make my life harder.
  • Everyone takes the same photo from slightly different angles at the same time, which leads to 10 identical terrible photos in which everyone is looking at a different camera lens.

I’ll post a link here whenever it’s ready. But I doubt it will be this week.

It was great seeing everyone! (except you-know-who).

Update 12/18/2007: The website is up and has all the photos.

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  1. Y pensar que con un par de visitas a Monterrey yo alcancé a conocer a un porcentaje nada desprecieable de ellos. ¡Que familión!.

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