Vivaaerobus brings tears of joy to my eyes

Yesterday they finally approved low cost airline Vivaaerobus to fly out of a new  no-frills terminal in the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.

This means direct flights from Austin to Cancún, Guadalajara, León, Monterrey, Puebla, and Queretaro. And they will be cheap too: supposedly starting at $9.99 before taxes.

Since a quick trip to Monterrey includes:

  • Car permit: about $40
  • Car insurance in Mexico: about $80 for 4 days
  • Three or four tanks of gas: $90
  • Tolls for the border, Colombia road and Monterrey-Laredo highway: $40
  • Sitting on your ass six to eight hours each way: Priceless.

you can see how I intend to take advantage of the new flights. Let’s hope that the prices do actually remain low and the schedules are good. Sadly flights start in March of 2008. More info here.

Update 1/30/2008: Rejoice my friends. After two false promises, Vivaaerobus started selling tickets for their Austin-Monterrey and Austin-Cancun flights yesterday. They begin in May 1st, 2008 and go for $9.99 one-way (yes, 10 bucks). After taxes, it’s around $120-$140. Still a good deal!.

2 thoughts on “Vivaaerobus brings tears of joy to my eyes”

  1. If you believe you can fly to Monterrey Mexico for less than ten dollars in a multimillion dollar airplane using fuel that costs more than premium gasoline and pay landing fee’s, maintainence,insurance and salaries to the airline employee’s….could I interest you in some great oceanfront land I own in west Texas ?

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