Photo of the day #13

Purim 1994
Hot chicks – Purim 1994

Ok, ok, ok. Readers have to admit that it takes very large amounts of self-confidence to post this photo. I will give you a minute to recover from the horror.

Turns out Ziv was going through some old binders full of papers and found this. Or that’s what he claims. I suspect he kept it on his bedside table all this time. I apologize for the low quality image. I’m waiting for Ziv to learn to use a scanner, and that can turn out to be a very long wait.

From left to right: Myself, Leny and Ziv, dressed up as women of the night at the Purim (yes, relax, it’s a costume) party in Monterrey, 1994. I hadn’t seen these photo and let me tell you that 13 years later I’m in shock, but I still have those legs, Leny still has that winning smile and Ziv still has a very hairy back.

At the end, we did not win the costume contest, but we did get many compliments and a few slaps from my grandmothers’ canasta friends while they’d say: “look how cute my granddaughter is”. Good times. Definitely left me scarred for life.

Extra points to the reader that remembers seing this back then. Use the comments!

3 thoughts on “Photo of the day #13”

  1. Claro que me acuerdo!!!
    entonces pensé…. si hubiera tenido una hina…. hubiera tenido esas piernas?
    Voy a buscar la foto, debo tener una aquezi y te la doy!
    Un abrazo
    (es jonathán el tercero?)

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