Austin’s Dr. Sketchy

On Saturday I went attended for the first time the Austin Chapter of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art School.It combines two of my favorite things: drawing and beer (on this occasion, new local favorite Fireman’s #4). The only thing missing was the game, but then again, given how embarrasingly poorly we’re doing, maybe not.This session was held downtown at Beerland, and of course was Halloween themed. It featured Midwest Monster‘s bassist and The Search For the Next Elvira finalist Kitty Korvette (who also happens to be both very nice and very good looking). What can I say, some people like them scary. Which reminds me:

CALL 1-888-SCARY-02 NOW (before 2 PM)!!!

To my surprise, my drawing actually improved after a few beers, It’s just like my dancing! (Disclaimer: I couldn’t find scientific proof backing my claims- nor have I seen videos of myself dancing at weddings).

In any case, it was a blast. The guy on the microphone was hilarious (name?), Kitty Korvette was amazing, I had an awesome second row table, the beer was refreshing, the crowd was fun, and the contests at the end were great. Some really good looking sketches were drawn, some of which Miss Korvette will post eventually on her MySpace profile (I will update this post when/if that happens). Also, photos and drawings will surely start popping up in the Austin Sketchy Flickr group.

And remember:

CALL 1-888-SCARY-02 NOW (before 2 PM)!!!

[Update 10/23/2007] For the few hundreds of you that don’t check this website compulsively every 10 minutes, I have good news: I’ve been informed through the comments that you can vote up until October 28th. If you’re in the U.S., it’s free and it takes only 10 seconds… vote now and help fight war, poverty, corruption and global warming.

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  1. Marcos~ You are an absolute doll!Thank you for helping me promote.I WILL be getting your art scanned and posted.I am in the midst of a lot of press.I will try my best to get on it tomorrow.I do thank you sincerely.
    Voting goes on until Sunday,October 28….Keep those votes coming in!
    Beast wishes~

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