Photo of the day #12

Hotel Roosevelt

Originally uploaded by Miguel.Sanchez.

This is the Roosevelt Hotel. Surprisingly, I cannot link to its website because apparently there isn’t one.

Why is this photo featured in The MKX®, you might ask? Excellent question.

This hotel is located right behind the legendary Hotel Son-Mar, where I spent many, many, many weekends as a kid (my dad, later my mom, worked there… now my uncle), debating with my brothers whether the Roosevelt has beds or hammocks in its rooms (it was never settled). It brings back tons of childhood memories (I may one day write about them). And before you ask: No, I never actually set foot in there.

As far as I remember (which is a good 25+ years), the Roosevelt has always looked exactly the same, except for that fancy “México es Primero” sign that some marketing genius put there in the 80’s.

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