Still Hell on Earth

The A/C repair guy came today. Turns out the thingamajing in the watchamacallit needs to be replaced (for the educated: the 1/4 HP 110 V AC blower motor in the furnace). It’s expensive, but not iPhone-expensive. He’s coming back in the morning and that should be the end of it.In the meantime, the weather, which had been rainy and cloudy and relatively cool for the last two months and up until my A/C broke hit the relatively scorching 35 degrees today. So I stayed away from my house as long as I could. I stayed late at work. I went to Deep Eddy. I ate dinner out. I brought ice cream over to the Correas. Yes, I could sleep elsewhere, but I like it in my house with all my toys, even if I need to sleep naked and uncovered and hugging an electric fan (paparazzi, take note).

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