Lindt Excellence 99% Cacao

“La couleur : noirissime – la senteur : sublissime.
En bouche, la force du cacao presque pur, puissamment aromatique.
Un chocolat de connaisseur.
Laisser-le fondre sur la langue et vivez un plaisir d’exception…”

You may or may not have read a recent post on my newly found addiction to extremely dark chocolate (but not to chocolate, that’s been there forever).

That was before my recent trip to Miami, FL. In the Aventura Whole Foods Market I saw an intriguing little white box: Lindt Excellence 99% Cacao.

This is the only chocolate bar I have ever seen that comes with eating instructions. It tells you to work your way up from the less concentrated varieties before you try this one. You should start with a small piece. Avoid chewing. Accompany with coffee. And it was great. Too bitter for most people (like the first time you try beer) but then you get hooked. I’ve been craving for more. The %80+ sissy stuff is not doing it for me anymore.
The problem is, now I can’t find it anywhere. I called a bunch of places in Austin, I sent Jaco back to the store in Florida (it’s gone!) and I’m afraid of placing an order online! ($60 for a box, that will arrive in who knows what condition in the central Texas summer heat).

Please help me.

Oh, and I want to add a note about the newly found health benefits of chocolate: Since I switched to the ultra-dark stuff, I can hear very faint noises far, far away. The clot in my brain dissappeared so I can think clearly again and see out of my left eye. I also grew 3 cm.

Update (Jul 22, 2007): Found it at World Market in Lakeline Mall! Thanks to Carolina for the tip.

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