Do not try this at home

While browsing the World Wide Web, I bumped into this old website.

In one of the pages there is a list of contacts, each one of them with a mailto: link. This is the online equivalent of having unprotected group sex at a Gay Parade afterparty in Botswana.
Now, I don’t know who is the schmuck that put that website up there in the first place (he probably listed himself first). According to the HTML source, that thing has been there for a while:

META NAME=”GENERATOR” CONTENT=”Adobe PageMill 2.0 Mac” and

This file created 12/24/96 12:56 AM by Claris Home Page version 2.0 

To the defense of the schmuck, he created the website waaay before the spam epidemic really started.

One thought on “Do not try this at home”

  1. Es buenisima esa página- no pasa el tiempo, los chistes siguen siendo buenos.

    Es bueno saber que sigue “En Construcción” después de 11 años.

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