For the first time I signed up for one of the informal classes at UT: Portraiture I with Chad Cole.

My first class was last Wednesday and already they leave me homework: select from a bunch of pictures and draw one of them using charcoal. After about 1.5 hours and two large cups of coffee at the Flightpath this is what I came up with:

Head of David – Detail from Plate (click to enlarge)

While far from perfect, I’m pretty satisfied with the result, given that I had never drawn using charcoal. One of the eyes is a little bit off, and he has this look like he’s ready to beat the shit out of Darkseid (old habits die hard… I’ve drawn Superman way too many times).It was fun too and I didn’t make too much of a mess on myself. I also learned what a kneaded eraser is and that willow charcoal tastes better than crayons yet it makes you thirstier.If I do anything worth showing in this class I will post here. If you are desperate for blogger art and can’t wait then I recommend you visit BRNR.

5 thoughts on “Portraiture”

  1. Muy bien muchachito, muy bien… un dia de estos capaz que dejas el photoshop por el caballete.

  2. Tengo que aceptar que de todo las maravillas de tu blog, esto me ah impresionado. Good Job.

  3. No soy muy imparcial… pero te quedo padrísimo el dibujo!
    y si fuera imparcial… tambien me gusta.
    Sube mas dibujos para ver que tal te va en las clases!!

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