Back from Mexico City – Miriam’s wedding

The chuppah. Ain’t they cute?

Marcos surrounded by cute girls that all look alike.
It’s like a Robert Palmer video!
(and they’re all too young to know what that means)

My cousin Miriam finally decided to settle and married Isaac. About freaking time. You can see photos of the trip (and mostly of the wedding) at The MKX® Photo Central.

I also had a chance to spend some quality time with Liat and Joelle. See video below.

Finally I want to point out that Aeromexico opened a direct flight from Austin to Mexico City. Hope it stays around and it stays around cheap. Their food is usually better than Continental’s and the beer is still free. Gotta love them.

[Update Jan 16, 2007]: Fixed photo caption (David is Robert). I thought I had fixed it before I posted. Weird. Maybe I’m not qualified to write a blog.

3 thoughts on “Back from Mexico City – Miriam’s wedding”

  1. Ejem… alguna razon en particular para decirle David a Robert?. Que monas tus sobrinas, esperemos que no se acuerden de ti e su adolescencia.

  2. Marcuchos, se te pasa la mano con las parientas tan guapas que tienes.Suertudote!!!!!!!!!!
    Gracias por las fotos. Tu tia que te adora y que ya quiere ir a tu boda

  3. Que hay de nuevo viejo?
    Muy buenas las fotos videos y tus comentarios.

    Como sigues de tu clavicula?

    Cuando vienes por aca?

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