Back from Israel

Jerusalem Ramat Gan

Group photo Tal's Bar-Mitzvah

Right before midnight on Sunday I landed back in Austin. The trip was loooong (11:45 hours from Tel Aviv to Newark plus another 4:30 from Newark to Austin). On Monday morning I was back at work.

Due to technical difficulties I could not upload any trip photos until now. Here they are. I still need to upload the photos from Budapest though.

I had an awesome time in Israel. Seeing all the family in Haifa was great, the UEFA game was awesome (thanks Feingolds), the outings in Tel Aviv, the visit to Jerusalem, the food, and seeing so many friends I hadn’t seen in so long (Adi, Ziv, Sebas, Oron, Itay, Daniela, etc). Hopefully it won’t be another eight years until I return this time. Only regret is that I didn’t stay longer.

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  1. Wow, all that sun and light clothing made me jealous… not to mention the food. I’m still shocked that your great grandmother was there looking so fresh!.

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