Pepe and Avital get married

This past weekend I flew to Mexico City in order to attend the wedding of my very good friends Pepe and Avital. They were both my next door neighboors at the kibbutz (in each side, different rooms).

Pepe and I go back a long time. He’s a marvelous acrobat (video will be posted in the future). He can play videogames like no one can (he finished Evander Holyfield’s Real Deal Boxing for Sega Genesis in 72 hours playing as El Cupacabras . Nonstop). He got me hooked on Lost.
It was a blast getting together with them both and the rest of the gang that made it to the wedding (some of who I hadn’t seen in 10+ years). They were all very immature back in 1995 and I’m proud to say that they haven’t changed a bit.

During my limited stay in Mexico City, I also got to see some of my family (Bobe Sonia, Tia Chela, Martha, Jacky, Becky, Jenny, Simon, Malka, Miriam) and friends who had nothing to do with the wedding (Aizik, Goldman). I ate a lot, saw a true Mexico City bank robbery, ate a lot, went to the market to buy fish, and ate a lot.

And of course I’ve got to thank my great friends Abraham and Galit Braverman who hosted me this weekend and put up with all my shit. I know it’s not easy. You are welcome to come visit me in Austin, we’ll have a blast. Appropriately, when I went to their wedding, I stayed with Pepe.

Photo album here.

And stay tuned for “Spectacular Flying Pepe: The Video“… coming soon to this blog.

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