Two new blogs

I have added two links to the sidebar.

First, Agujeros Temporales, Eva Noyola’s new blog in which where she will narrate her adventures in Munich, Germany. Any blog that speaks of big telescopes is welcome in here.

Second comes BRNR, Eduardo (Aizik) Berner’s blog. This is his second attempt at blogging and so I wish him best of luck. I do wish to not that I have decided to go ahead and add him in spite of the unfair spot this blog received in his. I hope to see it corrected very soon.

2 thoughts on “Two new blogs”

  1. Thank you Marcos. I don’t know if I will ever speak of big telescopes though. I already corresponded and put this fantastic blog on my sidebar.

  2. Marcos, tu pagina es de la que mas visitas llegan a la mia… 1 diaria.

    Gracias a esto por lo menos una persona me esta leyendo… nunca lo crei posible.

    Gracias, gracias

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