What is this?

Is this a crappy cellphone picture of a Southern Beirut neighborhood or perhaps the landing site of a Katyusha rocket in Haifa?

Nope, this is a much more mundane thing. There was a fire today in the mall that’s being constructed accross the street from work. The snapshot was taken from the sixth floor of the Truchard Design Center (a.k.a. MoPac C) using my crappy cellphone camera.

You can’t tell from the crappy cellphone photo, but the fire was actually quite big and there were about five or six fire trucks trying to put it out. I would say that between the time the fire started and the time they were done putting it out, about 45 minutes elapsed. Also gave me something to post about on this blog for my many, many faithful readers and couple of stalkers. Oh wow.

And so this ends today’s episode of: So, anything interesting?

R&D engineers from the Modular Instruments group take a look at the most interesting thing to happen at work since the last bat-attack.
[Update 7/25/2006] Colleague Mike Jablin took decent photos, and they made it to the local news!

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