My new babies

So the product page for the thing I have been working on the last many months is finally up! (why do I get the feeling you are not as excited as I am?).

Meet the new NI-5406 and NI-5402 Function Generators. Marvel at the sight of these technological wonders.

And finally, check out the product and bookmark the page for the Signal Generators Group… you never know when you may need an arbitrary waveform generator, or something.

2 thoughts on “My new babies”

  1. other than curiosity….what do these “generate”????

    Now, seriously….what are these things???? can you explain in language that us mortals can comprehend?



  2. Si son tus bebés, claro que me emociono, no importa que no estén lindos… o no sepa que son!
    Después de todo, para eso somos las mamás! para quererlos a pesar de todo.
    Tu mami

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