The microwave is playing tricks on me

This morning, as I’m getting coffee and heating up some oatmeal at the Mopac C kitchenette, I notice the microwave tray and I could swear it was spinning in the opposite direction (I think) it usually spins! So I stop the microwave and start it again – and it spins in the usual direction. I stop it and start it, and again… reversed!!!

A colleague walks in and I ask him: did you know the tray in the microwave reverses its direction every time you start it? He didn’t know, so I proceed to show him. It wouldn’t do it! The microwave is playing tricks on my head and I don’t like it.

Please, I need someone to confirm that some microwaves can spin their tray in both directions!

[Update 3/15/2006] I’ve been trying and the thing will not rotate clockwise. Ok, maybe there is a chance that I was… mistaken.

[Update 3/22/2006] HAHA I KNEW IT!!!! The microwave rotated clockwise this morning. I guess I’m not insane after all!

3 thoughts on “The microwave is playing tricks on me”

  1. Your wit never seizes to amaze me!!! I was never a fan of blogs, in fact, I prided myself in rarely visiting any. However, your has become sort of a routine….just like fans and haters of Howrd Stern (in the movie Private Parts)…my only answer is “I want to see what he’ll say next.”

    So there you have it! keep up your crazy shanannigans!!!


  2. Microwaves tend to behave like that singing frog from the cartoon. They spin the tray in both directions if you’re alone only. If somebody is there, they will make you look like an idiot.

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