Birthdays of Friends and Foes of Marcos

I am terrible at remembering birthdays. I’m great at remembering the words for the spanish-version theme songs of early 80’s cartoons.

I know my birthday, both my brother’s birthday, one of my cousin’s birthday (Jan 1 – easy), and then a bunch more that I remember by association (i.e. Jorge Guttman – a day after Jaco, Ricky Hemilon – three days after me, Chaparro and Correa – the same day, I don’t know which) and that’s pretty much it. I’m pretty sure both my parent’s birthday is in June or July, roughly.

However, I’ve become very fond of my quite up-to-date Addressbook (which contains 660 entries as of today, many of them with the person’s photo and all! I have it on my computer, I sync it up and down to my iPod, to .Mac, to my cellphone, to Moi’s computer, etc.

Today, I learned that you can add the person’s birthday to their card. I also learned you can use iCal to automatically show all the birthday’s as a calendar. I already knew you can use .Mac to publish calendars as webpages from iCal (and others can even subscribe to them so that they show up in their own iCal)… Put these things together and we get:

It sounds like a lot of work, but it’s actually is not that bad. I already had many birthdays in iCal so I’ll need to put them in the Addressbook. It may take me a year but I’ll do it.

In the meantime, you can post your birthday (year and all) in the comments. That will get you in my calendar and will guarantee a birthday present from me. Check it out, you may already be there!

[Update Jan 14, 2006]: Credit goes to Samuel Sandler. He sends a list of all the birthdays of everyone in the Sandler side of my family every year. I copied them into this calendar. That’s why there are so many Sandlers, not because I love them more than the others. I’m missing pretty much all the Kirsch side. Your input is welcome.

4 thoughts on “Birthdays of Friends and Foes of Marcos”

  1. 7 de feb 1980

    En firefox hay una aplicacion que es compatible con el ical… por si alguien se quiere suscribir y no lo tiene.

  2. Mi seniora es del 18 de abril, y MIguelito del 19 de septiembre. ahi te ves.

  3. Marcos:


    Bueno…pero por lo menos te acordaste de llamarme…

    Oye, cada vez que me meto en tu website, tengo que cerrar la puerta de mi oficina para que no se oigan las carcajadas!!!!

    keep it up

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