Yummy, it’s del.icio.us!

Ever heard of del.icio.us?

It’s a “social bookmarks manager”. In english, it means that I can quickly and easily add links I find interesting to the Marcos Kirsch Experience®, and that’s what our thousands of readers want.

So, if you look at the sidebars, there’s a new del.icio.us sidebar. Also, at the bottom of the sidebar you can subscribe to the del.icio.us RSS feed. There is also a feed for the main site. RSS is, in case you don’t know, the best thing to hit the web browser since tabbed browsing. (get Firefox now and look for the orange thingy symbol in the bottom right corner!).

Being hipper than me, Moi has had a del.icio.us sidebar in his blog for some time now.

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