Christmas vacation

I just had two days off from work because of Christmas.

This year, I did not follow the Christmas custom of going to the movies and eating chinese food.

Instead I went to Houston on Thursday (Rony Levinson was in town), and him, David, Betty and I went to one of those parties they have every year.

Then we drove back to Austin for another one of such parties and to play FIFA (mostly to play FIFA).
note to self: I’m no longer undisputed king, I must practice, defeat gives me shilshul.

Then we drove back to Houston for yet another one of these parties. Which actually turned out to be a lot of fun.

The “can’t get much lower than this” highlight of the night: A vietnamese dude showing off his calf in a Starbucks at 3:00 AM. Although it might have been a nightmare. I’m not sure anymore.

As a closing thought for this post, I want to say that whoever I told what I was doing (the back and forth traveling thing) would ask me the same thing: “Why would you do that?”. I wish I had a penny for every time I heard that. But even more so, I wish I had an answer.

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