Fahrenheit 9/11

Yesterday I say this movie called Fahrenheit 9/11.

Of course, like every other respectable news outlet in the world, I must write about it.
Well, the theater was PACKED. There was a long long line outside the theater. I almost expected to see people dressed as jawas or wookiees. I mean, it was ridiculous (I didn’t get in line thanks to Yossy, but I will not elaborate on that).

The movie is good. It entertains, it shows lots of things many people don’t know (and should! this is their President), it’s even funny at times. It’s not very hard to make a movie that makes George Bush look bad, with the Florida fiasco, the Spetember 11 attacks, the invasion of Iraq and the missing Weapons of mass destruction (Google search) (very funny please follow links).
There are however very strong scenes of death and injured people in Iraq, which makes me very surprised Michael Moore whined to get the R rating lowered. It absolutely deserved the R rating.

And, of course, the whole movie is a shameless self-promoting act by the director/writer/producer. Which is a little unusual for a documentary. Starting with the movie poster, the “interviews” in which Moore keeps putting words in other people’s mouths (like in that other movie) and the ridiculous stunts, Michael Moore tries to present himself as some sort of smart-ass and self-righteous superhero during the whole film. I was not impressed.

Overall, the movie does raise some important issues and I recommend watching it. Not worth getting in line for, though.

Will it influence the outcome of the elections? I doubt it. Those that will go to see it, aren’t voting for Bush anyway. Those that are voting for Bush, won’t see it. Those who are undecided…. hmmm…

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