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No. Not the TV Show.

Like every damn year, we make it to the playoffs only to lose on the next game. It’s like Mexico in the World Cup. And I feel like I was run over by a herd of dewbacks (wow, that reference made me even less appealing to women – better shut up and go to sleep).

Masacotes de Tlaquepaque 2006

Masacotes de Tlaquepaque 2006

These handsome gentlemen are the best(*) team in the NI Summer Volleyball league. Feared by other teams and absolute owners of the net.

The Masacotes de Tlaquepaque (formerly known as Masacotes de Chicontepec and sometimes refered to as Voladores de Papantla) is integrated by El Mota, La Urraca, El Bulldozer, myself, Jaramillo and the self-proclaimed captain Masacapi. Missing in the photo is star setter and babe magnet Gustavocote who had a severe case of diarrhea that night.

*Definition of best: team with the hardest name to pronounce for english speakers.