.Mac Sidebar WP Plugin

Update Sep 21, 2008:

Well, as anyone bumping into this page probably knows, Apple long ago killed .Mac in favor of MobileMe, and now you use iWeb instead of .Mac Homepage to make pages. Everything uses RSS too, which is a lot handier. Also, WordPress has advanced quite a bit and this plugin used none of the cool hooks introduced by WordPress later.

All this has rendered this plugin obsolete. I will keep this page here but I highly recommend you don’t use it. Nothing to use it with, anyway, other than your old, stagnant, .Mac pages.

Original page below.



I have put together my first ever WordPress plugin.

This simple plugin will retrieve the links in your .Mac website and put them in the sidebar of your blog (or anywhere you choose).

It is very very preliminary, so help me make it better by emailing your ideas, suggestions and/or patches.

Installation Instructions:

  • Download and decompress dotMacSidebarPlugin.php.zip.
  • Copy the dotMacSidebarPlugin.php to wp-content/plugins/ folder.
  • Go to your WordPress admin interface, to the Plugins section and activate the plugin.
  • Modify the file inside your themes folder where the sidebar is printed. It is likely called sidebar.php. Insert the following code snippet (modify the parameters to this function call to your liking) where:
    • Param1: your .Mac user name
    • Param2: maximum number of links to display
    • Param3: Use chronological order (false = reverse chronological order)
    • Param4: Anchor tag target

show_dotMac_links(‘dotMacUserName’, 10, false, ‘_self’);


  • Allow for customized HTML output.
  • Allow plugin to work without needing to modify templates (ideas?).
  • Administration within the WP UI.

No ugly people were harmed making this blog.