To Our Boy on Your Birthday

Happy 2nd birthday to our beautiful little weirdo, who loves cauliflower but hates berries, whose favorite car color is brown, who can seamlessly shift between three languages in the same breath and never mix them, who takes care to translate everything Papi says in Spanish into Hebrew for Mami and vice versa, who runs and plants huge kisses on us out of the blue, who suggests his cheek as a suitable alternative when Papi asks to eat his pulke, who is so insanely intelligent beyond his years that we often shake our heads in wonder at one another, who makes us laugh daily.

We love you so very much, little man. Happy second birthday!


6 thoughts on “To Our Boy on Your Birthday”

    1. Y lo adoro!!!! Y solo una mama o bobe sabe lo que es querer tanto a alguien!!!!

  1. Felicidades al pedorro! Lo queremos y extranamos muchisimo!!!!
    Impresionante como cada dia se parece mas a su tio Jaco!

    1. Ese niño es lo más adorable del mundo!!!! 2 años que han pasado corriendo y que es tan listo que a veces olvidamos que apenas tiene 2 años, mi muñeco adorado!!!!!

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