Mascotes 2016

Los Mascotes – NI’s summer volleyball league’s oldest (maybe) team – is back. Against all odds we reached the final last year. And lost it. Can we win the league this time? Yes, we can.

Back from Israel

Booyakasha! Marcos got unexpectedly upgraded to business class on his 11.5 hour long flight from Ben Gurion to JFK. Thank you Israir. Why? I don’t know, and I’m not complaining, but feel free to state your ideas in the comments. I’m back in Austin now… went straight from the airport to work, then to a … Continue reading Back from Israel


No. Not the TV Show. Like every damn year, we make it to the playoffs only to lose on the next game. It’s like Mexico in the World Cup. And I feel like I was run over by a herd of dewbacks (wow, that reference made me even less appealing to women – better shut … Continue reading Lost