The War Against Spam III

Check out the lovely SMS message I got the other day: This is worse than email spam: Most people in the U.S. are charged per SMS message received. Welcome to the era of spaSMS. I don’t know what I can do to stop this, if anything. Thankfully it hasn’t happened again. Have you ever gotten … Continue reading The War Against Spam III

The War Against Spam II

See the previous post The War Against Spam I if you haven’t (and you care). La Polla Defaced Yes, comment spam hits popular blogging systems such as WordPress all the time. But how about little, innocent, low traffic, 100% custom coded websites made by some random little guy? Surely, these websites are not targeted by … Continue reading The War Against Spam II

The War Against Spam

I’ve been waging a relentless war against spam for year on multiple fronts. And I’m losing. My brilliant catch-all strategy/use hundreds of email addresses so I can identify the bastards that give up my email and then do who knows what backfired on me. I had to switch gears and it’s been a lot of … Continue reading The War Against Spam

Killing Comment Spam Dead

I’m sick of getting comment spam. Sure, I need penis enlargement pills, viagra, online poker systems and a fake diploma… but I don’t need it advertised all over my blog[1]. So, after waking up to see a few dozen advertisements posted all over the place, I decided to do something about it: I installed MT-Blacklist. … Continue reading Killing Comment Spam Dead

‘;–have i been pwned?

I hate spam and I go through great lengths to minimize it. Internet security is also interesting to me, and I think most people just don’t know not follow good security practices, and aren’t aware of just how awful things are, as in, how inept websites are at securing your data. Data breaches are rampant … Continue reading ‘;–have i been pwned?

The eternal number

In 2001 I moved to Austin and got a land line number with AT&T. This is the number I give out for everything that’s not personal: banks, credit cards, etc. Keeping this number has been hard. I had to transfer from AT&T to Vonage. This was great: cheap long distance, voice mail to email, and … Continue reading The eternal number

Online security

The many high profile hacks that have occurred recently, like the one on Sony and Gawker (and those are the ones we know about) have made me think a lot about my online security. We all know what we need to do: Use different strong passwords that cannot be guessed using dictionary attacks for every single account. The stakes range from the mildly … Continue reading Online security

Comments not going through

A while ago I installed a captcha-based system called reCAPTCHA in my comment system. CAPTCHAs (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) work like this: Some garbled text is diplayed that is very hard for a spam bot to read, but relatively easy and only slightly annowing for a real human to … Continue reading Comments not going through


The MKX® is proud to introduce a novel way to stay updated on what goes on here: email subscriptions! So now, on top of our popular RSS feed, you can get a daily digest of all the posts in The MKX® conveniently delivered to your cozy little inbox. Even if you still use Hotmail. And … Continue reading Subscriptions!

The science of

I assume most of you have used the website If you haven’t, allow me to summarize it for you: It’s a website in which you create an event invitation and you send it to a list of guests. The guests then RSVP (Yes, Maybe, No) on an event page within their site. The text … Continue reading The science of