Feed me: An introduction to RSS

Feed Aggregator. Feed Reader. RSS Reader. News Reader. It’s all the same thing. You’ve probably heard the term before but there is a decent chance you don’t know what it is or how to use them. If you regularly read news and/or blogs on the internet and aren’t using an RSS Reader, you don’t know … Continue reading Feed me: An introduction to RSS

Goodbye Delicious. Hello Shaarli

Those of you who subscribe to The MKX® (via email or RSS) or pay attention to that list of links on the website’s sidebar know that I’ve been using a service called Delicious for link sharing. I started in 2005 back when they were known as Web 2.0 pioneers “del.icio.us”. I’m stopping now. Delicious was a … Continue reading Goodbye Delicious. Hello Shaarli

The MKX® iPhone 6 review

As the editor of a major technical news website (this one) I am forced to upgrade my iPhone every year so you can read my refined opinions. Let’s do it. Getting the review unit The pre-order process was rough. Not only did I have to wake up at 2 AM on a weekday in excruciating back … Continue reading The MKX® iPhone 6 review


Readers of this blog know I am an avid RSS reader. Specifically, I’ve used Google Reader for years but now they’re closing. People panicked – but they shouldn’t. This is just as if people had panicked when Netscape Navigator died: “the end of the web!”? No. Just use a different web browser. I just moved … Continue reading Feedly

RIP Google Reader

Long time The MKX® readers know that I’m a huge fan of Google Reader. What can I say, I’m a news junkie. Some things have changed though: In 2011, Google redesigned (read: crippled) Google Reader in order to better shove Google+ down our throats. Among other things, they removed link sharing. I now use Delicious exclusively … Continue reading RIP Google Reader

Twitter sidebar

I still don’t fully “get” Twitter, and I’m not much of a user. But some people do. People who are toppling governments and stuff. Still, I decided to add a little bit of Twitter magic to The MKX® in the form of a widget sidebar (look to the right, below the Google Reader shared items). … Continue reading Twitter sidebar

Site redesign

It’s been almost two years since our last redesign, which caused an uproar among our readers: violent protests outside of our headquarters, a Facebook protest group, a heated poll, and flag burning. Well, the design team of The MKX® is happy to announce a new look for our website. Among the improvements: Post-specific banner images. … Continue reading Site redesign

Gilberto Gil

I’m not fully recovered from SXSW concert overload yet but singer, composer, guitar player and former Brazilian Minister of Culture Gilberto Gil was in town so missing it wasn’t really a smart option. It was a beautiful all stings acoustic concert. No video, but you can at least hear this low quality recording. Enjoy! Update … Continue reading Gilberto Gil

No longer missing iPhone features

In June of 2007 I wrote a post titled “Seemingly obvious software features missing from the iPhone“. Today, iPhone OS 3.0 will be available and the iPhone 3G S is shipping, so I thought it’d be interesting to see how things stand now. Below is the original list, with the items that are now covered … Continue reading No longer missing iPhone features

The MKX®: Now better tasting

Ever heard of delicious, formerly and more cleverly known as del.icio.us? Yes you have. Since March of 2005, a list of links I add to my delicious account show up in the sidebar of my blog. As you may have noticed a couple of days ago, I’ve improved upon this and modified the blog’s RSS feed … Continue reading The MKX®: Now better tasting