2015 Annual Report

WordPress puts together these neat annual reports for us bloggers.
The one for The MKX® is here.

The highlights:

  • It was a sad year with few posts. I blame parenthood.
  • The top post is from 2004: yes, the M&Ms one.

I make no resolution to post more in 2016, but it may just happen.

‘;–have i been pwned?

I hate spam and I go through great lengths to minimize it. Internet security is also interesting to me, and I think most people just don’t know not follow good security practices, and aren’t aware of just how awful things are, as in, how inept websites are at securing your data.

Data breaches are rampant and many people don’t appreciate the scale or frequency with which they occur.

Security researcher Troy Hunt maintains ‘;–have i been owned?, an excellent website that aggregates data from lots of known breaches and makes it easy for you to find your information on said breaches. Of course this aggregate data is only the tip of the iceberg, as most breaches are not known or he has no way to get to the data. In any case, it’s interesting to go see who has your email.

I ran this tool on the domain I use for the majority of my emails to see which ones are there. Remember I use a different email address and a different password for each and every website I sign up for. Results weren’t all that bad. Out of 723 email addresses, “only” 4 were found in the database of pwned websites. The winners are:

  1. Adobe (mine and my brother’s)
    Compromised data: Email addresses, Password hints, Passwords, Usernames
  2. Boxee
    Compromised data: Dates of birth, Email addresses, Geographic location, Historical passwords, Instant messenger identities, IP addresses, Passwords, Private messages, User website URLs, Usernames
  3. Gawker
    Compromised data: Email addresses, Passwords, Usernames

This is quite horrific.

Run your email through their search and post to the comments to see if it was found on any compromised websites. It will be interesting to hear.

Happy Chanukah

Ilan’s jewfro is approaching mine. Much better than last year’s.

Happy Chanukah

PS: What is the most widely accepted English phonetic spelling for חֲנֻכָּה?

A new Netflix original series

From twelve-time Iuval winning director.
With the guy sitting in the back for like a second in Velma is Living.
Coming soon for your binge watching pleasure.


(the cocaine is fake, but the mustache is real)

iPhone extreme sports

True story from this morning:

I got in the car in order to leave for work. I had my laptop in its bag and my giant coffee mug. I opened the driver side door to throw them in, then went around, got in the car and drove to the office.

As I was driving, I noticed my phone wasn’t in my pocket and I couldn’t see it. However, thanks to the magic of Apple Watch I could see that it was in range. So I dropped it and it’s under the seat or something.

On the first stoplight I used the nifty “make iPhone ping” feature from the watch. I could hear it, but faintly. So maybe it’s under the rug or something? I couldn’t find it. Second and third stoplights were the same. So I decided to wait until I park at work.

When I parked, I opened the door so I can better crawl under the seats. Ping – and now I could hear it loud and clear. What the hell?

And there it was:IMG_0003


I bought the case with the following criteria in mind:

  • good looking
  • thin
  • inexpensive
  • transparent
  • rubbery (not hard)
  • protects the front of the phone

I never added “good car paint grip” to the list. Got lucky.

In case you care or plan on letting your phone air out while you drive down the highway, this is the case (Amazon) that saved me from re-purchasing a $750+tax brand new phone.

Year One

It’s been one year since the posting frequency on The MKX® dropped dramatically even though an extra staff writer was added at the same time. What’s the reason?

It’s the best and the most fun reason in the world. It’s also the same reason why I sleep less, my back constantly hurts, and the Plaza Sésamo theme song is stuck in my head.

Below are some photos of the reason. See Ilán in his birthday suit (not naked) right before his first sugar rush:


Mega-Party photos may or may not follow.

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